Are Food Service Operations Giving Your Bottom Line Heartburn?

If you’re a hospital administrator looking for cost savings, just follow your nose to the cafeteria. Among those cheeseburgers and tossed salads, your hospital cafeteria probably offers more savings opportunities than you imagined: Consider that the cost of food and food-related services in a hospital or health care system can represent between 8% and 12% of your annual purchased services spend. More

Playing Hot Potato with Device Cost Management

In a dynamic similar to the childhood game, hot potato, it seems that no side – payers, hospitals or suppliers – wants to be stuck alone at the end managing the high cost of care in the joint reconstruction market. Like kids playing the game, everyone is doing what they can to shift the hot potato of cost management elsewhere. In a webinar broadcast earlier this month, I shared what this game of hot potato looks like and other findings from the Vizient Technology Watch, Volume 2,... More

Innovation is the Name of the Game in Medical Devices

One thing everyone in health care can agree on is the unprecedented level of uncertainty swirling around our industry. The new administration has promised change for the better, but we don’t yet know what that change will look like or to what extent any new programs will affect the health care modifications already underway. While we wait and speculate, I can pass along some market insights for hospitals, physicians and supply chain leaders on cardiovascular medical devices. More

Applying the Goldilocks Principle to Purchased Services Consulting

In the past few months, I have received feedback from numerous hospital supply chain leaders on the topic of consultants. A consistent message I hear is that consultants must demonstrate the right skills to meet the needs of the business and also have the right chemistry to fit in with the member’s culture. It brings to mind the children’s fairy tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Goldilocks tries the first bed to discover it's too big, then tries the second bed to find out... More

Supply Chain Sherpas Are Key to Guiding Stakeholders to Purchased Services Savings

It’s no surprise that reviewing purchased services contract categories like laundry, medical waste or language interpretation can seem like a daunting task—almost like trying to climb Mount Everest. How you and the group view the mountain is critical. Looking from the foot of the mountain, it might seem impossible. Conversely, looking from a higher vantage point, you would get a different perspective and see how to move around the mountain. It’s all about perspective. More