Divided Government in Washington? Political Fights Ahead, but Areas of Agreement Not Impossible to Imagine


A look at what to expect in the November elections, and what it may mean for providers and health policy in the next Congress.  


Hope in Precedence: Pandemics Bring Innovation and New Perspective


A few weeks ago, we held our annual Vizient Connections Summit and celebrated the theme “Stronger.” With over 3,400 healthcare providers and suppliers gathered in one place, this theme certainly fit the occasion.


Contract Labor is Here to Stay: Three Strategies for Long-Term Success


Shifting our mindset to approach contract labor as a strategic advantage can bolster employee retention and promote a culture of flexibility and help mitigate costs


Three Things That May Be Slowing Your Hospital’s Progress Toward its Strategic Plan


Hospitals and health systems are developing strategic plans that outline the path and steps needed to meet their communities’ needs in the future. Embedding high-reliability principles—such as management systems that proactively engage employees—is essential to your hospital’s progress. 


Walk the Talk: How Gemba Walks Can Help Improve Data Collection to Support Health Equity


When it comes to advancing health equity, having comprehensive data about race, ethnicity and language are essential, but obtaining complete and reliable data can be challenging. Leveraging the process improvement technique of a Gemba Walk may help your hospital or health system gather the data it needs to advance health equity.




Should Your Organization Participate in Medicare’s New Enhancing Oncology Model?


Medicare’s new Enhancing Oncology Model is an important opportunity for oncology practices to participate in a voluntary alternative payment model designed to increase the value of care for Medicare fee-for-service patients undergoing chemotherapy. Wondering if it’s a strategic fit for your integrated health system or oncology practice? Here’s several questions to consider before the September 30 deadline.


Cool Approach to Healthcare Design Can Help Deter Effects of Heat


While climate change is an undeniably complex problem, health systems can be part of the solution with some relatively simple design considerations that can help reduce the effects of a warming planet.




CMS Issues FY 2023 IPPS Final Rule: What Hospitals Need to Know


On August 1 CMS issued its Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) final rule. Here’s key takeaways and what hospitals need to know for the rule which will generally take effect on October 1, 2022.


How Adapting the Five Rights of Medication Administration (5Rs) to Your Hospital Laboratory Provides a Structured Framework for Test Selection in Demand Management


In order to face the variety of challenges in meeting the demand for hospital laboratory services, a better test selection process is needed. Adapting the 5Rs to your demand management program can support enhanced patient care while improving laboratory capabilities, responsiveness and reduced costs.


ESG: What It Is and What It Means for Healthcare


Environmental, Social and Governance is generating buzz (and confusion) across the industry — but at its core, it’s about improving human health